A Crazy project – Crazy Round

It’s a spécial project, a sort of challenge that William Baroni, Crazy Round founder gave us. Crazy Round is a game space dedicated to minimum model.

This minimum model fan, decided to create a space where children whether young or old can do drones, hovercrafts and monster trucks contests.

When we first met for the project, I have been immediately very enthusiastic and curious even if this univers is far away from mine. I haven’t played with minimum model since I was young.

For a global and better understanding we took the time to discuss, to be able to enter in the project to apprehend this univers, to take in consideration his ideas and wishes and to learn how to use the minimum models.

This project is all about story telling and scenography.  Inspired by the fantasy literature and cinema. I created trend boards for the colors and mood boards for the fourth univers.


The total space is inspired by the movie “Tron Legacy”, a univers of contest and speed, futuristic and minimalistic .
The action of the hovercraft space takes place in one of those cities in the future, like in “The Fifth Element”. Drones will fly over the planets and the stars to find another planet to live. Monster trucks will take up challenges in the post apocalyptic univers of “The Shannara Chronicles” where nature took back her rights.

You have up there a glimpse of this on going crazy project.

For your pleasure and also due to confidentiality I will show you soon the rest of the project.

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