Interior architecture, interior design, decoration and visual merchandising for professionals .
Professional and business studios :
offices, shops, stores, hotels, restaurants

Your project!

You are creating your company and you want to secure the consistency of your business space with your brand image, your values and your concept?
You want to stand out form your competitors?
You are looking for a professional that will understand the preconditions of your activity, that will find out commercial space arrangement solutions to answer your expectation, those of your customers and co-workers?
You want to refresh your shop, store, restaurant, or offices, and need professional advices and services?
You want to place “workplace well being” high in your business strategy and lift up the work conditions of your employees?
You need to reorganize your business space?

MESENCORE© is offering a global set of custom made solutions to fit your needs in only 3 steps.

Our solutions

Whatever you interior design projects and goals are, MESENCORE is offering to work in close cooperation by listening to you and providing individual support enhancing your business value, that is matching your corporate identity, your activity, your personality and your values.

It is an inescapable investment to secure, to seduce, to convince and to inspire your customers, your co-workers and your business partners and also to stand out from your competitors.
You will get a personalized, relevant and qualitative project thereby contributing to the development and the profitability of your own company.

1st step: Consulting meeting

The consulting meeting is our first contact. I am listening carefully in order to understand what the goals of your interior design, refresh, decoration or visual merchandising project are. We define together what are your needs linked to your activity in terms of space, functionality and also your concept, your brand image, your budget and dead line. Together, we visit the place to evaluate the commercial potential of your interior and to optimize the available space. We exchange first ideas and advices in terms of space organisation, circulation, material, color, equipment, furniture and lightings. At this step, you can choose to go to step 2: the project design. In that case I will assess the premises to take the dimensions to start the project design.


Etude de votre projet d’architecture The project design is starting first with drafts and rough layouts. Several proposals are presented illustrated with mood boards and 3D perspectives. You will be able to choose a direction until the final selection of the appropriate project that fit you most. Meanwhile we will choose and qualify the materials and the elements, which will be used like tiles, colors, floorings, taps … Once the project is validated the finals, detailed and implementation plans are done (dimensioned plans and elevations, electricity plan, plumbing plan, carpentry plan…) At this step, you can choose to go to step 3: The follow up and coordination of the project implementation. If you decide to go for it, I will initiate the consultation process of several craftsmen according to the project work plan in order to compare and to choose between their quotes


Suivi et coordination de vos travaux This third step is consisting in the follow up and control of the project implementation and the coordination of the several stakeholder on site according to the established work plan. I keep an eye on, check, control and correct if necessary the implementation, the plans and dead lines respect by organizing regularly on site build up meetings in order to ensure highest quality work. Moreover during the construction phase we will together regular check points until the « doubt removal » meeting (ultimate meeting where we validate that the last adjustments have been done correctly).

Our prices

Each project being different, our prices are custom made according to your project and your needs:

  • Consulting
  • Project meeting + project design
  • Project meeting + project design + follow up and implementation coordination

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